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Maintenance and installation of any system used for conveying liquid stuff is done by a person known as the plumber. The systems that are installed and maintained by a plumber can be classified under, drainage, sewage or drinking water system. Plumbing infrastructure is very critical to public health and sanitation. Greek and Romans were the civilization that brought about plumbing. This is because they developed public washrooms and they needed to provide a waste removal and water removal system. Solid waste is nowadays piped to the treatment plants in most cities worldwide. This is done in order to partly purify the water and emptying it into streams and other water bodies. The water in the initial stage of the plant is normally more harmful compared to the water being released ion the sewage.

Plumbing require years of training or experience and in some case one might be needed to be licensed in order to do some works. A nation needs a plumber with skills and values in order to take the nation’swell-being and health into consideration. A plumber is supposed to read specifications and drawings of a landscape in order to determine waste and venting systems alongside with water supply. after identifying a faulty plumbing appliance, it is the work of a plumber to diagnose correctly their causes.

The job description of a plumber includes, repairing and maintain plumbing systems in commercial, industrial and domestic setups. Some of the services done by the oyster bay plumber include relying damaged pipes and repairing leaking taps. Pipes can be threaded and cut by a machine or through the hand of a plumber. A plumber always does testing of pipes through air and water gauges to test for leaks. A plumber always locates and mark position for connections and fixtures in walls and floors. pipes are joined and fitted together by the plumber using compression fittings and soldering techniques.

Most of the plumbing jobs are always risky and requires the plumber to operate with caution and care. One of the dangers include, a ditch collapsing and holes emerging in a construction site. Holes and ditches and some of the risky instances that can put the live of a plumber in such a high risk. Acids or base content can be added by an occupant in a premises in their sewage system to unblock it if by any chance it was block. The eyes of the plumber might be placed into high dangers when contents that a tenant added into the sewer system either acids or base gets into the eyes of a plumber. Sewer systems that have broken down or blocked can cause infection to the plumber when he or she is doing is work due to the human waste that occupies the pipes.

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